OctPoWriMo Poem18 – Disasters

I have a deep affection for my disasters
Our friendship, for one
I bring you my most petty concerns
Expecting fixes for the woman
Whose name I can’t remember,
Who slights me at the grocery store
Or the perpetual lateness of the bus on Tuesday nights

You lay the world’s woes at my feet
Injustice, you say, doesn’t care if my bus is late
Or if I need yet another vacuum cleaner belt
I am without sympathy, you say
Utterly self-absorbed.
First things first, I say

We offer no mutual support, no sympathy of outlook
I don’t think we ever watched the same TV shows
Name one book in common, just one
I can’t either

For all our disasters, I have a deep affection
A sentiment that lacks logic

The New Year’s eve we attempted
To pierce our belly butttons
We had ice, needles, and a bloody lack of finesse
I still blame you and you alone when I see the scars

Or when you forgot to pay my rent for me
While I was on my semester abroad
And I arrived back to find myself homeless
I got you back for that one
Your stepfather is actually quite good in the sack

The sudden midnight bus ride to Chicago
You had some stupid reason for us to go
Some rally or other
The brash euphoria giving way
To bitterness somewhere in Wisconsin
I thought you had stayed behind at the HoJo
But you rushed back onto the bus
With some lie about a locked bathroom

I forgave you though, I must have
I woke up on your shoulder
Just as we reached the city

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