Trailways 4

On page 54 or so you
realize that you are also
changing your life.

Your long winter
is over.

Isabelle, the headstrong woman in the book,
strides across the cover in a turban.
She put on mens’ clothes,
worked her way as a deckhand
across the Mediterranean,
sailing to Algeria.

You are sailing north along the mighty river,
in a bus, wearing the same jeans you wore all winter.

You read on.

Isabelle’s caravan is winding at night
under the stars,
further and further into the desert.

You are going to a new home.
One you’ll make.

The cottonwoods will shimmer,
on the slope down to the lake,
the leaves dusty green on one side,
silvery on the other.

You will find a dock there
to sit at the end of,
at the close of each long day.

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One thought on “Trailways 4

  1. Christine says:

    You write so beautifully! This poem has something epic about it, and a sort of yearning. What an adventure!

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