Waterways 4

Take the rusty ferry
across the great lake
to the island you can see from shore.
You’ll leave before first light.
Before the shops in the ferry building open.
Bring your own coffee.

You’ll arrive at first light,
the sun just up on the other side of the island.

Ask the man in the blue hat
(no one knows his name,
but I call him Raymond)
to take you to the small island.
You can’t see it until you are halfway there,
and the sun is at high noon.

When you are there,
stop in the shade for a bit,
if you must, and order an iced tea.

Follow any path to the other side of the island,
through the dense trees,
to the narrow, pebbly beach.

Start swimming.

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One thought on “Waterways 4

  1. Anna Stewart says:

    This was lovely. You always do such incredible work – I’m impressed every time. This was just so soothing, almost like you’re in a boat…it has that gentle sense of rhythm, a very methodical progression. And intimate too…this kind of detail “(no one knows his name,
    but I call him Raymond)” makes you feel really connected, like you’re sharing a secret with the speaker of the poem and…I want to go to this beach. I want to swim. Lovely.

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