Walkways 2: Tule Elk

Walking a strange path
through sea fog.
The only sounds:
my breath, my soft steps,
and the bay water
breaking on the rocks
far below.

Suddenly the elk bellows out his call
and I am aware of the earth moving
as it is always moving
and I moving along with it.
Brilliant passenger.
And the mist gathers on everything
and falls softly from my fingertips.

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2 thoughts on “Walkways 2: Tule Elk

  1. Beth Camp says:

    A very nice moment caught in this poem. I especially like that awareness of the earth moving and the image of the mist gathering everywhere . . .

    • odhran25 says:

      Thank you! This is from a real hike I took near Point Reyes National Seashore on a peninsula that include a Tule elk preserve. It was very mystical! Thanks for reading!

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