Way Back

We found each other young,
each drawing sticks through a puddle
at the edge of the wet woods.
We were mesmerized
at the other world there,
upside down
“Like Alice’s,” we said.
We saw ourselves first,
Small heads trembling in a shimmer of reflected leaves.

After that
our days went on forever.
We were pirates.
We were whalers
lost at sea.
We were witches making magic
down below the ice at the rushes at the edge of the lake.

We parted ways, somewhere.
Was it in gym? Math? I don’t remember.
Perhaps it was at the edge of the merry-go-round we left to the smaller ones.

We forgot each other.
And the earth spun on,
and we rode along each turning.

Until we met again,
haplessly, sheltering from the rain
below a yellow willow,
in a strange part of the city.
We turned and smiling suddenly as we did
We realized
we’d been there all along
shoulder to shoulder.
We followed the leafy path
leading away from the road
toward the old stones of mystery.

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2 thoughts on “Way Back

  1. This was great! Just lovely written.

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