I Am 4

I am wearing white gloves on the tarmac.
I am hot.
I am climbing the stairs to the plane.
I am complaining about the shrimp cocktail.

I am looking down at the ocean
wondering where the whales are.

I am sliding backwards down the slide.
I am hanging my head off the merry go round as it spins.
I am imitating the housekeeper
on my plastic phone
“moshi-moshi” ” moshi-moshi”
I am looking for a rabbit in the moon.
I am looking at crysanthymums on display.
I am feeding the orange carp at the shrine.
I am wondering how small a boy
would need to be
to fit inside a peach.

I am playing jacks, foursquare, jumprope
I am chanting:
“Not last night,
but the night before.”

I am pulling up my kneesocks
and singing “My Sweet Lord Krishna Krishna”
in front of the manger scene.
I am noticing Sister frown,
And my mother hide a smile.

I am watching Batman
“Ka POW”
I am walking home as the snow begins to fall
and the moonlight sets it glittering.
I am putting the glass Christmas fairy
on the branch with the blue light.

I am reading the Cat in the Hat to my baby brother
who grabs his feet and chortles.
I am wading through minnows.
I am opening my eyes underwater
to watch the sunbeams dance.
I am looking for mermaids.

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2 thoughts on “I Am 4

  1. wandapsycho says:

    This really flowed. Beautiful and dreamy!

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