Cú Chulainn

The teller told me of his birth in snowfall at the ancient solstice mound.

Of how he smashed the massive guard hound against a standing stone,

and stood in its place, alone defending Conchobar at Emain Macha.


They told me as well of how he slew the swan princess (unknowing),

only to save her,

by sucking from her wing the stone

and setting her free.


(I am not she.)


This I heard, too, of the day

he drove his chariot to the border of Ulster,

(One-eyed battle madness upon him!),

brandished his sword, held his shield high in challenge,

and waited for the men of Connacht, the army of Queen Maeve.


(I am not she.)


They came raving,

only to be slain

by him alone,

one by one.

Perhaps his son.

Perhaps me.


(I am the Morrigan.)

(Eel. Wolf. Heifer. Raven.)

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