First it was the Garfield cat balloon,
and then it was Grandfather Heinrich,
floating away, up over the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade,
up past the Empire State Building,
past Ellis Island
(grandpa waved down at his younger self,
who looked up and thought,
“What a strange country I’ve come to.”)

Then it was my aunt, setting an apple pie
to cool on the balcony,
I saw her set it down
and when I looked back,
she was calling out to me,
“Make you mother give you my good china.
The Meissen! The Meiiiiissen!”
as she sailed away over Central Park.

Then I noticed the sky filling with figures.
Snoopy, Superman, a man wearing an apron,
Sponge Bob, a woman holding a bunch of carrots,
looking startled,
a girl from school,
“Anna! Anna!” I called.

And then I felt light myself!
And the building was below me!
And my mother was waving at me to come back! Come back!

But the clouds, oh, the clouds
and Lady Liberty and the blue Atlantic were lovely.

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2 thoughts on “Float

  1. catherine says:

    The first stanza is brilliant — I love the sudden descent into surreality

  2. odhran25 says:

    Thanks! I wanted to give the sense of suddenly floating away. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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