Got Lost Off

Got lost off my imagination blabbering all got lost off my head
head lost off in my clouds of too much why why why? say again
again lost off in my head, backward looking, got lost off my head turning
turning city street alleys behind the old brick bars, coughs, cigarette stubs
stub tickets got lost off my back jeans pocket and stamp back got lost off in rock shows
shows and the music just said jump jump jump before I got lost off I did jump jump jump
jump around my left eye aiming 3 a.m. arrows up the taxi street got lost off my worn boots
boots that let the snow cold bus slush rubber tread smell got lost off my awake dawn
dawn got lost off my counting the highway lights blur blur blur blur
blur blur past got lost off power back man, just taking my power
power back man and the swamp in morning sun
sun shining on my wading got lost off my muck boot stuck sensing current
current compass river all the big water cold majestic flow got lost off my salvation
salvation washing toward the mouth my mouth river mouth in the morning
morning I laid my burdens down lay ‘em down lay ‘em down lay ‘em down
down by the riverside it got lost off my name yet found again
again flying down got lost off lift of wind
wind toward the center of something not reachable not needing to reach but seek
seek arms out wide embrace mind empty but for a stone love sense still there not lost off.

– Kay Winter

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