Most of what I knew was untrue.
I think about what I used to know
while I write this poem in my head
and swim down the blue line
of the afternoon, submerged,
and waiting for a descending saint
in the shimmering light on the pool floor,
halo-edged in gold and salmon.

None do.

The edge of light and shadow
move slowly across the water.
I swim on
and think about honesty
and dishonesty.

A shallow laugh as the body turns away.

Promises fogotten on pocket scraps of paper.

Silences breaking the pace of days.

One daydream clasped hand.

Songs in dead languages.

Unused maps.

I swim, and think about
what is true and
what I wish had been true.

Copyright Kay Winter


2 thoughts on “Honesty/Dishonesty

  1. katebitters says:

    I like the image “the blue line of the afternoon.” Great word choice.

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