The Science of the Heart

I learned what I needed to know
of the parts of the heart,
beginning with the red chambers
and the blue chambers.

I learned the secret entrances
through the sternum,
into the neck,
or even across the broad bones of the hip.

I joked that I would call my band The Xiphoid Process or the QRS Wave.

I learned the passages of the heart:
the vena cava, the Carotid, the ventricles, the valves.

I watched movies of the valves
that fluttered and tore
and were replaced by plastic and porcine machines.

I saw how the tentacles
of the small machine
could still a piece of a beating heart,
while someone stitched
intricate spells on the wounds.

I learned that you can replace the human heart
with a machine,
but only for so long,
so long, so long,
but sometimes,
not long enough.

Never forever.

Copyright Kay Winter

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