Collage Poem: Small Town Sea


1-They Never
They never went to the sea
that was past
their back yard
to the night sky
and small town stars
never slipped past the last lights
past the moonlight
on the north end Methodist stones
past the south end gas pumps headlights roadhouse

they never went to the east west
elm-shadowed oak-shadowed maple-shadowed
never stepped over fences
into dark mudded fields
tractor paths
drainage ditches
unfamiliar lost night

2-He Started

He started
inside autumn
coming out from
a golden willow
rake in hand
to the low fence
at the end of the leaf drifting lane
across the cornstalks
at last
stepping over the fence
into the last light

3-She Did

She was the only one
who really knew how to leave
November empty Tuesdays
disappearing between the
pinning up of plain white sheets
toward the fallen fence
at the end of her own street
into the east west trees
into fog
walking with a secret wild smile

4-I Was

I was nothing
until I followed her
from my school desk window
her gray coat a mystery
along the treeline
out of St. John the Baptist school
I followed her field row steps
in last week’s snow
dark plaid girl
over the same fallen fence
following into the east west fog
into fallow field row
into the prairie
into the white sky
in my wet school shoes
waiting with her
for the small town
sea sounds of empty trees.

– Copyright Kay Winter

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2 thoughts on “Collage Poem: Small Town Sea

  1. 5h2o says:

    Very nice. So many pieces coming together in that last section. Lovely.

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