Peace of Mind

The day my peace of mind
was a no show
I was grocery shopping
at the office
in the dark
before I woke up
and a phone
(My phone? Where’s my goddamn phone?)
was ringing
and I was rushing
with an empty cart
down the cube aisle
to the checkout
and I had forgotten the milk
forgotten the birthday card
for Saturday (shit!)
and forgotten the lentils and the yogurt
and the broccoli and oranges
and so all I’d eat this week
was coffee, gum and a Hershey bar
and that wouldn’t be enough.
My answers never were,
nothing ever was,
not with this asshole.
My boss at the register
shouting at me:
“Cash or credit?
Cash or credit, lady?”
But I had no money,
not even for the gum
and he wouldn’t let me finish
saying that the reason,
the real reason
was that I was sweating
and it had started to snow
and the bus driver asked me
for directions downtown
but my god
I didn’t recognize the streets
I mean at all.
My peace of mind called
from a cab in crosstown traffic
“There’s construction everywhere,”
it said and I said
“I don’t even have a goddamn piece of gum!
And I’ll be a little late,
really late,
days late
joining the call
and they’ll just have to understand
that the reason, the real reason,
is that some days just fender bender.”
And my peace of mind said
“You think you got problems, honey?”
and I said, “I do, I most certainly do!
Can’t you hear the alarm the alarm the alarm!”

– Copyright Kay Winter

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2 thoughts on “Peace of Mind

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is outstanding.

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