Blitz Poem: Waking to Fingertips

Waking to Fingertips

Asleep at the wheel
Asleep again after waking
Waking all night long
Waking the senses
Senses lush with summer
Senses swaying in the heat
Heat like endless sun
Heat like waves
Waves of sea blue
Waves of spent energy
Energy running
Energy falling down
Down like dark seabed
Down like sinking
Sinking cloud vapor
Sinking into oceans
Oceans wide and blue
Oceans of what we remember
Remember a hand in the night
Remember the light left burning
Burning piles of leaves
Burning junk
Junk we forgot
Junk we carry on our backs
Backs bent
Backs turned against the wind
Wind through tall grass
Wind in the sails
Sails distant
Sails smooth and gliding
Gliding across our lives
Gliding through days
Days we sleep too late
Days we walk through
Through like dreamers
Through like plows
Plows like arguments
Plows like pioneers
Pioneers like our first years
Pioneers like slow trails
Trails marked
Trails familiar
Familiar eyes
Familiar words like bouquets
Bouquets of summer shells
Bouquets of fingertips
Fingertips reading
Fingertips asking

-Copyright Kay Winter

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