It Was Coming

Thank God I didn’t see it was coming
or I would have changed direction
and I shouldn’t have
and I am glad I didn’t.
Thank God I didn’t see.

It was coming
down the long road
of November
Your theft of me.
Your leaving of me.
Your stunning of me.
On a winter street
on an empty Sunday
it was coming.

Down the long road
of empty Sundays
went I playing.
Sweet as my own soft voice.
Sweet as a single violin.
Sweet as a single horn.
Playing in an empty room.

Went I playing
raining and laughing years later.
I didn’t see it was coming.
You in the open doorway.
You shaking the water off.
You in front of me
With the mean asking.
And went I on playing
into the fierce night
out the open door
to the long road
to my own home
over the bridge
over the thawing bog
to the coming of the Spring.

Copyright Kay Winter

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2 thoughts on “It Was Coming

  1. Lovely, it pulled me along to the last word.

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