Wide Awake

Working the day cramp out of my elbows
I shake it rattle it roll it roll with it
Dragging my voice across the disappearing pavement
Engine hum on a night drive

Asking questions of the radio music
Why baby why sugar uh uh uh
Ache in the ribs for travel and twist again
Keen and crying out to the road, the dashboard lights
Expelling dust exhaust into the wide distant night

Answering to nothing but the radio
Negligent of weariness
Driving from nowhere to somewhere

Driving past the signs signs signs everywhere
Alive at last, it feels like
Nine on a scale of none
Clutch out, peeling the pavement
Inside is only me and the dashboard radio
Never stop don’t stop the dance
Give it up to thrash Rhonda help me yeah.

Copyright Kay Winter

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