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At the end of my wandering,
I wait with the golden leaves
For the autumn sky
to desire my flight.

Copyright Kay Winter

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Birch Light – reposting

Standing on the ridgeline
just above the golden quiver
of a birch wood,
We see, above the treeline,
a gray, stained sky approaching.

We throw our arms across
Autumn’s shoulders
As if to ask it
To tarry.

So that we can remain
this golden,
this splendid.

Copyright  Kay Winter

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Evening on the quiet bay,
A distant swirl of gulls
against the autumn woods.
Near me, a silent white moth
Flutters toward the balcony light.

Copyright Kay Winter

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At the mountain lodge
Gazing at the autumn sunset
A shared glance among
The blushing maples.

Copyright Kay Winter

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I am afraid
Only the powerless people
Believe it.

The ones who know already.
The ones who have cried in the bathroom
At the homecoming dance,
Who woke for decades in the early hours
Plotting an escape,
Who looked at the ceiling,
Looked at the desk,
Looked anywhere else.
But the ones who need to change,
Don’t  believe anyone,
Don’t believe their own eyes,
Don’t believe
What they did was all that wrong.

The powerless people,
Believe their eyes,
Know what they saw,
What they felt,
Turning toward the wall.

They know that the key fits in that lock,
And that behind that closed door
Is what wiped through their soul,
Wiped through their name,
Wiped through their new dress.

They know.

And they believe each other.

Watch out.

Kay Winter


Slick crimson sloe gin in a few red cups too many.
Potato pancakes after Halloween candy.
The bagged soup
That actually looks like it.
The oily bitter fizz salt water –
Oh sweet mother of God –
that you drink the morning of your procedure. 
That mushroom dish
from the Italian restaurant I cannot ever –
No not ever – go back to.
Have you horked up mushrooms
Then don’t tell me.

Kay Winter


After long late beginnings
The morning brings movement
Past the last of the familiar gray city
And into the wide yellow leaves
Quivering against the gray sky.

I am one of small wanderings.
An unfamiliar corner in a familiar city
Enough pleasant unease.

I gape at those who can become wholly lost
With no anchoring memory
or distant point to draw them.

To move into the unknown
And move mapless.

Copyright Kay Winter

The Real Show

The Real Show

The curtains fell
on the last show of the year
with a soft thump of worn velvet
against old wood.

The feathers and glitter
fell from costumes discarded
among the shattered mirrors
and paint pots.

They danced naked
into the dark streets
trailing ribbons of magic.

Past dark doorways,
past dark windows,
to the edge of the city
where the last streetlight gave way
to the wild.

And in they danced
into the greenwood
below the black branches
below the blue-black sky.


Copyright Kay Winter

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A Letter Home: Korea 1952



All I can say

is that I was not created

to blow up bridges,

but to build them.

But brass wants them blown,

and the corps builds them and blows them.

I can also say

that it is cold here,

even for a Minnesota boy.

I can probably say

that after all this is over

And no one remembers us

that there will still be the space inbetween

we are lined up on now.

I can also say that nothing

is as big as the space in world

where we are not together.

I can say, just to you,

that I give myself a couple minutes each night

to think about

dancing with you in my arms

and the low lights of the dance floor

at the supper club

and you have just said,

“Oh, darling, darling,

it’s Begin the Beguine”

and laid your head on my shoulder.

I can say,

that in spite of myself

that hard on that memory

comes the memory of standing alone

quiet with the wind in the pines

after I walked you home.

Copyright Kay Winter

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Collage Poems

I am starting a series of collage poems. For these pieces, I will create a collage to start the poem. Some collages, like my first one, I created by selecting one image each day over a month. Other collages I will create all at once. In each case, I will write a poem based on the collage. When you read the poems, read them as collages of words. They may not makes sense separately, or logically, but together, they should leave some impression. Well, that is my intent! As always, thank you for reading!

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