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Touch some part of me
while we wait for my soul
to be taken and crushed
like petals for scent.

I will neither enter
nor leave the room again.

Each moment
is a snowflake transforming
into a waterdrop
on a green leaf.

The border to the next land
is invisible to the naked eye
music is the only map.

I have walked away
without a word of goodbye.

You must stay on
counting the barks of distant dogs
and the songs of the souls
needing bodies.

Copyright Kay Winter

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The Last Day

It is the last hot day
of a long, borrowed summer
and we are waiting for the storm
we see coming.

This is the last day
before we go.

We are sitting on the dock
and the water has
the low, seaweed smell
of a dry August.

I have let my wine grow warm
and I cannot look at the truth in you.

You watch through your sunglasses
as the line of dark clouds
gathers over the treeline
on the far side of the lake.

I think that there should be
something I can say,
but the words are dry in my mouth.

You check your watch.

This is the last hour
before the storm.

The last day
before we leave.

-Copyright Kay Winter

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Stop Explaining

I stopped explaining love too soon.
I didn’t listen to anything,
for years,
as the conversations rolled over me
those long green evenings
as the clouds cast passing shadows.
I ignored the amber signals of night offices
flashing by the train window.
I finally heard, when the leaves reddened
and fell across the wet sidewalk.
I should have listened.
I should have explained to myself:
That lack of love darkens from doubt to certainty.
That I would sound the lack,
and find its depth.
That I knew we would fail,
that we would give way,
that love would go,
that I would let it.

Copyright Kay Winter

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