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The Real Show

The Real Show

The curtains fell
on the last show of the year
with a soft thump of worn velvet
against old wood.

The feathers and glitter
fell from costumes discarded
among the shattered mirrors
and paint pots.

They danced naked
into the dark streets
trailing ribbons of magic.

Past dark doorways,
past dark windows,
to the edge of the city
where the last streetlight gave way
to the wild.

And in they danced
into the greenwood
below the black branches
below the blue-black sky.


Copyright Kay Winter

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Waterways 2

26 degrees 31′ 04″ N
051 degrees 14′ 91″ W
17420 feet sea depth
1611 nautical miles

into the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

I am on the port deck,
looking for fresh air.

I can see no horizon,
no line where the starless, moonless night
meets the bottomless black of the water.

I am immobile in the black vastness.

I lose the sense of my own body.

I let one hand go, floating up, light.
I raise a foot,
tentatively letting the wind race underneath it.
I let both feet leave the deck.
My one hand tethers me,
but barely.

I let go.

The wind takes me.

The buffeting stops
after I am away from the ship,
as does my breathing.

The lights of the ship become smaller
and smaller,
then disappear.

I ascend, up,
as the wind takes me.
I am the darkness.
I am the cold.
I am the euphoria of the wind.

Blowing as I will.

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