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Death Draught

And then it grew chill
And then we screamed
And then we vomited in bathrooms with the doors locked
And then they crawled out from their holes
And then they came marching
And they held up the hands of night
And they held out the claws of destruction
And they painted their crooked lies
And they called their wicked dogs
And they spoke their crooked hate
And they jeered at the fear in our bodies
And they jeered at the fear in our children
And they poured the horror into a death draught
And they told us to drink drink drink.

And then we,
We the people,
We held up the moon
We held up the sun
We held up the spinning blue earth
We held up the green branches of our garden
We held up our bodies
We held open our souls
We held strong in our voices
And we said no no no.

We said love love love.

Copyright Kay Winter

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Hungry for Sadness

Some days I am hungry for the sweet sadness
and the silence of the long gray afternoons
in my hometown library.
Alone with a pale green book,
I sat, always, at the quiet back window,
overlooking the fading snow.
The waterclock of unspoken words
(oh, my loneliness!)
as I wove dreams I frayed on fear.

Copyright Kay Winter

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As you fall,
you tell yourself lies:
That you’ll dive in safely.
That you have become water.
That the sea has filled you already.
That the surface is visible, fragile, harmless
and that the deeps will welcome you.

But the black stone inside
is cold with truth:
deep down,
(prepare your heart)
the sea cometh upon us all.

– Kay Winter and Seamus Kennan

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Don’t think I don’t see
that you pull your masks
from the battered trunk of your soul.

I do, too.
And I know you see mine.
I put them on,
as gifts.

Look, I say, this one has a piece of pain
still stuck at the edge of the smile.
You let one mask fall,
and another show.
a crooked smile on yours, too.

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OctPoWriMo Poem 20 – Angels

Sometimes the angels come down
From on high
And get drunk at the corner tap
They float and careen down my street
Wings akimbo and flapping awkwardly
Setting off car alarms
And waking up dogs
They sing mambo songs
In languages only they understand
One stands forever on the bus shelter bench
Swigging from a bottle of wine
And yelling out “Fear not! I said! Fear! NOT!
I said fear not! FEAR! NOT!”

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