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Collage Poem: Bend Down All the Flowers


Bend down all the flowers
until your face is up
into the blue spring lilac
barefoot all the summer mornings
until dahlia sundown passage
of zinnias and the last cornflowers
on the table in the hallway
toward autumn
the door left open
for the yellow drift down.
– Copyright Kay Winter

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Spring Swing

Winter’s brown door
swings open
to the fragrance
of the wet earth
and the soft hush
of falling petals.

Copyright Kay Winter

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OctPoWriMo Poem 7 -Some Flowers

Some flowers are so beautiful,
We could not bear their repeating

They bloom once, fully,
In the late afternoon’s sun
Or the first light of a spring morning
Then begin to fade

The edge of fullness
To fading
Is when old gardeners
Say the fragance is sweetest
And most fleeting

I found one of those perfect blooms once
As a child, wandering the back corner
Of my grandmother’s rose garden
Where a marble maiden
Endlessly poured water
From a stone pitcher
And once more
Vining down a high wall
On my way to a restaurant in a strange city

Late though I was
I halted.
Given over.

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