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Same Language

We spoke the same language
with different words
Always the feeling of light shining through.
Words like dust motes on Sunday afternoon.
A cloud of words
waiting for
the gush and scent of rain.

Always the feeling of light shining through.

The soft sounds of his jackets in the entryway
soft as snowfall
A door opening softly inward late at night
the streetlight shining through the dark window
lingering into the gray mornings
those long winters.

The snow covering our words.

Still, always the sense of light shining through.
The headlights through the snowfall
driving home.

We spoke the same language with different words.

The smell of coffee burning,
a dog barking a yard away,
a door being shut outward too quickly,
the goodbye on the other side.

Copyright Kay Winter

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The Real Show

The Real Show

The curtains fell
on the last show of the year
with a soft thump of worn velvet
against old wood.

The feathers and glitter
fell from costumes discarded
among the shattered mirrors
and paint pots.

They danced naked
into the dark streets
trailing ribbons of magic.

Past dark doorways,
past dark windows,
to the edge of the city
where the last streetlight gave way
to the wild.

And in they danced
into the greenwood
below the black branches
below the blue-black sky.


Copyright Kay Winter

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pearl clouds, pale sand
we gleam in the soft light on still water.

Copyright Kay Winter

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The last time I fell
it was so far
and so long that
I remember
the falling.

My eyes saw nothing at first.
I felt the dark wind against my shoulders
and against my knees
as I fell.

The last time I fell
it lasted days.
and light
like long blinks.

At first I saw only the dark.
And the light so blinding.
And then darkness again
and stars at my feet.

The last time I fell
the moon rose between
my tumbling feet
and changed from a sliver
to a half
to a full

Copyright Kay Winter

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