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The Crackdown

Work, bus, drugs, arrests, drink, and
and no good music anywhere.

And the young male press
says the crackdown on us is coming.

I say we’ll crack ourselves
before they ever get here
if we are not too careful.
They step over us
to avoid their mother’s backs.

Don’t walk alone
they shake their heads
they say say say
all sorts of stupid things,
but they do not say
how to get cabs with money
that stays in the rich man’s pocket.

We each walk alone
Needs must for the lazy (they say say say)
because the late shift pays more.

We rest at last in rooms
behind the hardware store
through the alley
where our children sleep
in streetlight light
that shines
through thin curtains.

Copyright Kay Winter

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OctPoWriMo-Poem 1 Pennies

He turns the pennies over in his palm
Looking for the year he was born.

Not finding or not recognizing
He says, “This true oh my soul.
I was born, but not into any of these years.”

The wind blows damp down the back street,
Weedy, neglected behind the tracks.
All his life he’s returned here.

He stands today,
turning over a handful of pennies.
Looking for his beginning.

Not now. Never will.

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