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Benezet at Avignon

I was a boy
who carried a stone
impossible for me
past their disbelieving eyes.

I followed the voices of angels
who had found me
sunblind in the eclipse.

I set the stone
on the bank of the Rhone
at Avignon.

The first stone of the bridge
I built for angels.

The angels,
in all their brilliant
soundings and shinings,
watched my sheep
in the soft light
on the green embankment.

The ill came
after the light
after the angels
after the stones,
and went away whole.

I slept within the arches
singing the silent songs of saints,
for hundreds of years.

Then all my many brothers came
to finish the bridge at Avignon.

And where there were boys
with other stones,
stones too large for them,
sunblind boys like me,
they built bridges.

– Copyright Kay Winter

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