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River to the Sun

There is a river to the sun
that flows within the being
of the bodhisattva
like a golden path
that shimmers
along its traveled map
no matter
if it is hidden by the cloud
and ash of Wednesday.

Copyright Kay Winter

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Floyd Crimson


He falls from the sun.


We fall.


Songs like the tongues of larks.




Wishing we were there.


Jump. Fall. Learn to fly.


Crimson songs, brighter than red.


Mountain tops below flight.


Distant kings.


Singing infinitely in the sheltering sky.


Falling. Learning to fly.


Being flight.


White words in the book of days.


Discarded loose shoes.


Island edge.


Space below the island.


Space above the sea, above the sky.


Drum talk.


God waves safe passage.


Strange trip.


Coming back to land.


Hardened into diamonds.


New machines and easy for money.


But crazy.


Shining on.


– Kay Winter



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