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Saint Margaret

That year was the year
I fought my way
out of a dragon.

Let me start:
I grew up banished to strangers
outside Antioch.

When I had to,
I chose purity
over expediency.

That explains the dungeon.

But not the tiny exquisite pain
in my fingertip
nipped by the green devil,
emerald-eyed, ashimmer.

That was my own story.

That year was the year
I let the devil swallow my body
into darkness.

That I gave my own breath
for the dragon’s flame.

That year was the year
that let me
sense light
through the belly.

A year
that faith
made sharp
my cross.

That year was the year
that I fought my way
out of a dragon.

That I sliced
through the
thick skin
severing scales
that fell away
like tossed coins
and crawled out
one toe at a time.

By the time I breathed
my own breath again,
and drew my soul
back in,
the dragon
was split
and wilted
at my feet,
but for the
of white teeth.

– Copyright Kay Winter
written New Year’s Day, 2016

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For you
resistance was waiting
and hiding your metal sparks.

For you
resistance was holding
your stone hands
against the sandpaper.

For you
resistance was arising
from his sleeping bed
dawn after dawn

and clawing a tunnel
fistful by fistful
behind the attic bookshelf
through the peeling paper
the plaster
the wood
the tangled wires
through the dirt
into the woman-petaled azaleas.

Copyright Kay Winter

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