What remains

You stop at the gate

And watch my candle go

From room to room

Measuring what remains.

Copyright Kay Winter

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Dream of Stars

Sleeping inside while pretending to be awake

The afternoon passes and dusk falls

Still I sleep, eyes open.

Someone draws the curtains

And clicks a lamp on.

Still I sleep.

The stars outside awaken

Nothing will happen here

If I go.

Sleep falls into me.

The roof above me is gone

The stars are singing ancient songs

To captains in prayer

And those in flight

Star to star they sing

And I, a star now, too

With voice of light

Sing too.

Set your course by me

For this season only

Or remain



  • Copyright Kay Winter
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We appeared only to vanish

Away from all spaces that held our light

Into trees dark with melting snow

Into the thawing black waters of the creek

Into the brief and blazing sunsets

That sank away into night.

  • Copyright Kay Winter
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December Omen – Star

A worn, slightly damaged tinsel star with small electric lights

A star made in imitation
Of an ancient sign
Journeys begun unexpectedly
After long waiting
What gifts will we bring?

  • Copyright Kay Winter

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November Omen – Early Moon

A small half moon in a pale sky seen through bare branches

Up early enough
For the morning moon
Branches bare
We have come
An impossible distance

Copyright Kay Winter

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October Omen – Snow Shadow

A line of light and shadow cast in snow

Shadows and landscape edges
The troll face of trickery and treats
The year about to get lost
Crossing into dark woods
Passage, shadow, mystery, magic

Copyright Kay Winter

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September Omen – Green Path

A path of green living plants among melted snow.

The sky opens behind the path of the year
Waiting for me to cross or follow
Change, chance, opportunity
Green going and snow coming.

  • Copyright Kay Winter
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August Omen – Footprints

A goose print snow

We’ll leave things behind us
The spaces where we were
In summer
the lake water folding over our shoulders
Summer rain running off our fingertips into the earth.
A footprint in the August sand
like the goose in snow.

Copyright Kay Winter

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July Omen – Path and Bramble

A snowy sidewalk surrounded on both sides by bare tree branches and shrubbery

A clearer path through

Tree and bramble

Bare (waiting)

under the same sun as summer.

  • Copyright Kay Winter

June Omen – Tangle Days

A tangle of branches and vines, with a snowy road

A road (sunlight, leaves) visible
Through a tangle
Of days ending

  • Copyright Kay Winter

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